Sydney and Me Rock Hunting on Wild River 

Little River Designs is named after the river that meanders through the property of business owner and jewelry designer; Lynn Graham. Laid back with a surprise at every twist and turn Little River, just like Lynn’s jewelry is designed and inspired by nature itself. Lynn uses only the highest quality materials that is expected from someone who takes great pride in the pieces that she creates.

 An outdoors woman and very particular. Lynn hand picks the gemstones used in her pieces and will also polish stones she gathers herself from her outdoor experiences. A painter, kayaker, hiker and snowmobiler Lynn experiences all four seasons and her inspiration comes from the colors and textures she comes in contact with while enjoying what nature provides.

Lynn creative background began as a painter, graphite artist. The love of nature coupled with over forty years of being an artist and working with her hands, drew her to creating wearable art. It allows her to express herself in something to be worn and appreciated. Little River Designs pieces were featured at the 2012 Mercedes Benz Summer Fashion Show in Miami Florida.